Release History

v20.0.2 (2020-02-11)

Features - 20.0.2

  • Print out a one line message about the created virtual environment when no verbose is set, this can now be silenced to get back the original behaviour via the quiet flag - by @pradyunsg. (#1557)

  • Allow virtualenv’s app data cache to be overridden by VIRTUALENV_OVERRIDE_APP_DATA - by @asottile. (#1559)

  • Passing in the virtual environment name/path is now required (no longer defaults to venv) - by @gaborbernat. (#1568)

  • Add a CLI flag with-traceback that allows displaying the stacktrace of the virtualenv when a failure occurs - by @gaborbernat. (#1572)

Bugfixes - 20.0.2

  • Support long path names for generated virtual environment console entry points (such as pip) when using the app-data seeder - by @gaborbernat. (#997)

  • Improve python discovery mechanism:

    • do not fail if there are executables that fail to query (e.g. for not having execute access to it) on the PATH,

    • beside the prefix folder also try with the platform dependent binary folder within that,

    by @gaborbernat. (#1545)

  • When copying (either files or trees) do not copy the permission bits, last access time, last modification time, and flags as access to these might be forbidden (for example in case of the macOs Framework Python) and these are not needed for the user to use the virtual environment - by @gaborbernat. (#1561)

  • While discovering a python executables interpreters that cannot be queried are now displayed with info level rather than warning, so now they’re no longer shown by default (these can be just executables to which we don’t have access or that are broken, don’t warn if it’s not the target Python we want) - by @gaborbernat. (#1574)

  • The app-data seeder no longer symlinks the packages on UNIX and copies on Windows. Instead by default always copies, however now has the symlink-app-data flag allowing users to request this less robust but faster method - by @gaborbernat. (#1575)

Improved Documentation - 20.0.2

v20.0.1 (2020-02-10)

Features - 20.0.1

  • upgrade embedded setuptools to 45.2.0 from 45.1.0 for Python 3.4+ - by @gaborbernat. (#1554)

Bugfixes - 20.0.1

  • Virtual environments created via relative path on Windows creates bad console executables - by @gaborbernat. (#1552)

  • Seems sometimes venvs created set their base executable to themselves; we accept these without question, so we handle virtual environments as system pythons causing issues - by @gaborbernat. (#1553)

v20.0.0. (2020-02-10)

Improved Documentation - 20.0.0.

  • Fixes typos, repeated words and inconsistent heading spacing. Rephrase parts of the development documentation and CLI documentation. Expands shorthands like env var and config to their full forms. Uses descriptions from respective documentation, for projects listed in related links - by @pradyunsg. (#1540)

v20.0.0b2 (2020-02-04)

Features - 20.0.0b2

  • Improve base executable discovery mechanism:

    • print at debug level why we refuse some candidates,

    • when no candidates match exactly, instead of hard failing fallback to the closest match where the priority of matching attributes is: python implementation, major version, minor version, architecture, patch version, release level and serial (this is to facilitate things to still work when the OS upgrade replace/upgrades the system python with a never version, than what the virtualenv host python was created with),

    • always resolve system_executable information during the interpreter discovery, and the discovered environment is the system interpreter instead of the venv/virtualenv (this happened before lazily the first time we accessed, and caused reporting that the created virtual environment is of type of the virtualenv host python version, instead of the system pythons version - these two can differ if the OS upgraded the system python underneath and the virtualenv host was created via copy),

    by @gaborbernat. (#1515)

  • Generate bash and fish activators on Windows too (as these can be available with git bash, cygwin or mysys2) - by @gaborbernat. (#1527)

  • Upgrade the bundled wheel package from 0.34.0 to 0.34.2 - by @gaborbernat. (#1531)

Bugfixes - 20.0.0b2

  • Bash activation script should have no extensions instead of .sh (this fixes the virtualenvwrapper integration) - by @gaborbernat. (#1508)

  • Show less information when we run with a single verbosity (-v):

    • no longer shows accepted interpreters information (as the last proposed one is always the accepted one),

    • do not display the str_spec attribute for PythonSpec as these can be deduced from the other attributes,

    • for the app-data seeder do not show the type of lock, only the path to the app data directory,

    By @gaborbernat. (#1510)

  • Fixed cannot discover a python interpreter that has already been discovered under a different path (such is the case when we have multiple symlinks to the same interpreter) - by @gaborbernat. (#1512)

  • Support relative paths for -p - by @gaborbernat. (#1514)

  • Creating virtual environments in parallel fail with cannot acquire lock within app data - by @gaborbernat. (#1516)

  • pth files were not processed under Debian CPython2 interpreters - by @gaborbernat. (#1517)

  • Fix prompt not displayed correctly with upcoming fish 3.10 due to us not preserving $pipestatus - by @krobelus. (#1530)

  • Stable order within pyenv.cfg and add include-system-site-packages only for creators that reference a global Python - by user:gaborbernat. (#1535)

Improved Documentation - 20.0.0b2

  • Create the first iteration of the new documentation - by @gaborbernat. (#1465)

  • Project readme is now of type MarkDown instead of reStructuredText - by @gaborbernat. (#1531)

v20.0.0b1 (2020-01-28)

  • First public release of the rewrite. Everything is brand new and just added.


The current virtualenv is the second iteration of implementation. From version 0.8 all the way to 16.7.9 we numbered the first iteration. Version 20.0.0b1 is a complete rewrite of the package, and as such this release history starts from there. The old changelog is still available in the legacy branch documentation.